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It takes a synergy of qualified professionals to work on today's complicated vehicles.  A synergy cannot happen with ever changing employees. Denny has managed to keep his family and technicians around for a long time.

Denny Grinold, president and founder of Denny's Auto Diagnosis established in 1969!  He made famous his "Super Tune" back when engines could be modified.  He brought the business from a two bay gas station to a well equipped 7 bay service center!  Denny also established a fine reputation all of us at Denny's Auto follow and admire.  Is he wrenching still?  Occasionally, if not, he's still working hard somewhere in the shop -- Or, out on Lake Michigan fishing!  Denny operates the charter boat "Old Grin" out of Grand Haven in the Summer.

VP Tim GrinoldDenny's son Tim has several roles.  Foremost, he is the acting service manager, service writer, computer network operator, WEB Master, ASE certified technician.  Originally, Tim earned psychology degrees from LCC and MSU while working at Denny's Auto as a service writer and light auto repair guy.  Tim eventually decided that repairing automobiles would be more enjoyable than repairing people.  So, he earned his ASE certifications to work on autos!  Tim also enjoys Lake Michigan charter fishing running his own boat the "Grin Reaper".  Tim served in our Navy aboard the USS Wisconsin -- "Back in the days".

Jenny, Jeanne, and JennaNow, I tried to get individual pictures of the "girls", but just couldn't break them away from each other!  So here they are: Jenny, Jeanne, and Jenna.  Three generations.  Three J's.  Jeanne is our matriarch and the one everyone listens to, Or else!  Actually, she is the sweetest lady you could meet and she will even get you a ride in the morning in Jeanne's Shuttle.  Jenny has helped her father since 1983.  As Secretary, Jenny has several responsibilities.  Most important is her relationship with our customers in which she takes appointments and writes up customers for service.  Jenna?  Well, we will just have to see.  She is only a teeny bopper!  Currently, she is more interested in horses and has won many awards. 

Ever notice how well maintained Denny's Auto is?  Well, Tyler gets it done as Facilities Engineer.  This guy is a very hard worker with a great attitude for working.  Tyler is a devout Detroit Lion's fan.  Want to know about any hot fishing or hunting spots?  Tyler is an outdoors fanatic and is in the "know".  If he was not hunting or fishing last weekend, something is wrong!

Technician Kimber EberhardASE and Michigan Master Technician Kim Eberhard has been with Denny's since August of 1975!  That's 32 years of getting people back on the road!  Kim has also been married since 1975 to his lovely wife Kimberly.  They have two daughters, Courtney and Hillary -- And two grand children Makaha and Aurora.  Obviously, this guy has many stories to tell and plays a major role at Denny's Auto.  Kim is known for his methodical approach in automotive diagnostics and communications with customers.

Past Technician Dan Jones AKA "Iron Man" 1979-2010 Service at Denny's Auto. Dan passed away 03-03-10 for natural causes. ASE Certified, Dan Jones had been with Denny's Auto since 1979! A.K.A.: IRON MAN. He had missed very few days in his career at Denny's! Dan was an exceptional mix of "Old School" and "New School" abilities. Dan had TENACITY -- an important trait every good technician should have. Dan has been with his loving wife Barb since 1981! Severely missed every day -- Dan will be in our hearts forever.